Mascoma Lake, Enfield, NH
We have been in New Hampshire for 3 days. The sun visited us on and off for a few minutes during the day today, but for the most part we have had rain and overcast skies. Although we are here on a mission to find a home, I have been looking forward to seeing all of the colorful leaves I have heard about for most of  my adult life. The colors are there, muted as they are!

I have seen many inspirational scenes while here, yet we have been preoccupied with our quest. This evening we saw a wonderful house located on the far side of the lake from where this photo was taken. On the way from this house we visited the Shaker Museum just down the road. This was a beautiful place that I would recommend anyone visit.

While driving from there I saw the lake and the sky and how the light worked them into a seamless panorama. Unfortunately, with my point-and-shoot camera I had to work it out manually with three images, Photoshop and some retouching. I think God does a better job! I can only do my best to show His images through my lenses and the immediate perception I am granted. I hope to see this view more often from the other side in a beautiful house. I'll let you know how it goes, but I will certainly share some of my more interesting images with you once we move in to the area. Until then I will be reflecting on my life and the choices before me in hopes of finding that my path is as wonderful as the images I have seen coming off the waters of the lake I seem to love in New Hampshire!

God Bless,