Crazy Hair Day

It's crazy hair day at school and the kids fit right in, but today we put in a little extra effort!


Winter Leaves

Canon 1Ds 70mm, 1/250 sec at f/5.6, ISO 200
An image from New Hampshire while walking through my yard. There isn't much to add... It just caught my eye.


"Southern Living" magazine | Orpheum Theatre

February 2012 | Southern Living magazine
Tennessee Living section | Page 1
Canon 1Ds

Today I simply want to share that an image of mine appears in the "Southern Living" magazine in the "Tennessee Living" section of the February 2012 issue. The theater is the Orpheum and is located in Memphis, TN. I was proud of this image and others when I shot them and to now have one published in a national magazine really makes me feel awesome! Here is a link to Shouthern Living and a link to the Orpheum Theatre.



"The Dance"
iPhone 4 | Photoshop

"Chained To Play, And Forgotten"
iPhone 4 | Photoshop
This morning, after taking the kids to school, I stopped by the lake. It was absolutely beautiful with a series of clouds passing through and the blue sky just trying to get a peek at the scene that I was observing. This was an unplanned visit, so all I had with me was my iPhone. No worries. I can use it.

Both of the shots I am sharing give me a similar feeling. It kind of takes me back to my youthful days. Not that I'm old, just a little past getting by with being young to most people. I felt a little sorry for the subjects in the images. It was like they were on the brink of letting go and having a good time, yet the opportunity had not yet arrived!

"The Dance" is, to me, so similar to high school. That moment when there are two teens standing beside there friend, each wanting the other to be more chivalrous and ask the friend to dance. It's typical behavior for the teens, but in the end it's the threat that someone is going to feel a little hurt or uncomfortable.

"Chained To Play, And Forgotten" makes me think of the swing itself. Put there for the amusement of children and glad to be there for that reason. Unfortunately, along with the gift of play comes the reality of existence. When there are no children to play with and when the weather is at it's worst, the swing must remain there. Nobody to comfort or to even hear the silent complaints. Sadly, there isn't even anyone who thinks of the swing when they are not there to use it.

Yes, the images are beautiful on the outside, just as situations can be that you may come across in your life. Watching a high school dance or thinking how peaceful the quiet playground seems. Just don't forget the heart of the matter while a casual observer because there are always multiple points-of-view!

OK. Now I'll lighten up a bit!


Gabe & Hanna

I have been photographing these kids for many years. I have enjoyed the work, but I know the family well and always have a good time when they are around! Even though they are quite a distance away I hope to get the opportunity to photograph them again sometime.


Batson-Cook Development, LLC

Screen grab of web design example.
The color is during rollovers on the final page.
I really had a great time with the people at Batson-Cook Development. The people were really willing to try posing and working with us in a new and different way and I think that we were able to see more of the individual personalities in the photos. This is the brainchild of the web designer Stefanie Calkins-Wolfe in Atlanta. The site is still under construction and I will try to link it here when it is done. I also tried out a new assistant, Laura Deas. She was outstanding in her preparedness and was able to work with us to achieve our desired results.


Ice Forest

Canon Powershot A1000IS
This shot was taken after the snowfall the night before when we had 3 inches of snow. During the day the snow began to melt and there were icicles forming on everything. My first thought was quite typical and the shots were just as much so. Now that we are in New Hampshire the sunset is at 4:15pm it was dusk and there was a full moon which you see in the image at the top left. I put the camera right up on the icicle and a few shots into the series I composed this shot. I really enjoyed the process and I think that the final image is worth the effort. There was very little done to the image in post-processing and to be honest, I don't think it needed anything more done to it! Do you?

Now, go shoot something!