My Chevy Van

iPhone photo retouched in Photoshop
I know it has been awhile since I made a post, but there has been a lot of stuff going on! We did move to New Hampshire. We did not move to the house over Mascoma Lake. But, as you can see from the photo, we do have a lake near our house!

It is winter, and we have had one snowfall ourselves about 10 inches deep. Boy was that something to dig out of for my wife to go to work! At least we now have an exercise plan. Anyway, I still have to get back to the southeast for some work and to get some of our things. One of those is my camera, which I left for the job I must do.

About the photo... Well, without my camera I am feeling a little out of place and stuck. I want to take so many shots now that I have time, but cannot do the quality I would hope for yet. I guess I just needed to get something done so I could feel like myself again. After the snow our van looked, should I say, ridiculous? I don't think it has ever been sooo dirty in it's entire existence! I took it to get washed and on the way home I was admiring the wonderful view. All of the snow has melted and the air is clean. I stopped by the lake and took a couple of iPhone shots with the van wearing it's new shoes (you know, the snow tires). Makes it look a little more masculine... Sort of...

Once the shot was in "camera" I needed to do some retouching. A little due to the condition of our van and more because the scene needed to be pumped up. I retouched the street, the sky ( since the camera cannot capture the full dynamic range), the saturation was enhanced and details were brought out on the van itself.

I think for a photo taken with a small device it has turned out well. Maybe you will agree and maybe this shot is not your cup-of-tea. But it makes me feel better to do a little work to practice my skills and to share a view we see when we come back home every day.