Warped Reality

Apple iPhone, auto, while driving

I knew that I would be away for the first part of today, and I really didn't want a repeat of last night looking for a project when I really wanted to sleep. On my drive through the beautiful city of Atlanta, I made a decision  to take a few shots from my car. First I was in traffic that was moving at such a speed that a turtle could have blown by me. However I didn't see a turtle, so my shots consisted of break lights and the rear-ends of large trucks. Try to contain your excitement...

I'm not sure, but the feeling I get when in such situations is not something I want viewers to have while looking at my photos. I kept shooting, but even overpasses seemed blasé.

When looking at the median, which under normal circumstances should be blurry even to drivers ass they make their commutes, I noticed an entire story etched in stone. Each one a different chapter, with characters changing from one story to the next. I thought "Maybe I can catch one of these stories and retell it for the world!"

One thing to notice about shooting with a scanning-type system like the one in the typical hand-held device is it's tendency to do so in time. This differs from a camera that has a shutter that can achieve high speeds and practically stop action and time. The scanning may only take a portion of a second, but when traveling at a high rate of speed it will actually bend perspective. At first this can be viewed as a problem or lack of ability for the device, but once understood it can actually provide a look that tells someone that something is happening here!

I know that you can do this with Photoshop, but there is something nice about knowing the abilities and limitations of your equipment and how to use it to your advantage.

This image was not tweaked too much in post-production. A little sharpening, contrast and saturation, and NO Retouching of artifacts! I like the edgy nature of the image as it stands. It completes the story it is trying to tell. And ironically, the number on the sign is the name of the highway I was driving! I didn't notice this until later, and these signs changed to a different number every few meters.

Go Create!